Our car is periodically subjected to Disinfection of the interior
with non-dangerous or irritating and environmentally friendly products

Note: Registration of the Ministry of Health n.14.664 on 1.6.1987
Disinfectant has been specifically formulated for cleaning surfaces where an effect is simultaneously required cleaning and germicidal.
Its action is effective on all surfaces washable, cleans and disinfects in cold or hot water.
It can be used in homes, schools, boarding schools, hospitals, public buildings, veterinary clinics, hotels, gyms, changing rooms and any other place where it is very important control the danger of infection from objects or commonly used surfaces.
Continued use of Disinfectant on all washable surfaces is of great help in reducing the hazard of contagion, eliminates the stale smell, in fact Disinfectant does not covers annoying odors with a penetrating fragrance, but destroys bad smells at the origin.

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