1) Terms and conditions of use
This site is an online taxi booking platform service for transfers from hotel airports and other places provided by ThaTaxi.com in collaboration with Scaligera NCC™ Rental Car With Driver and Taxi Service Company (VAT IT04476620234). Its use implies acceptance of the terms and conditions set out below. The website is thataxi.com, managed by Scaligera NCC™ Company and reachable through the web address https://www.thataxi.com.”The user” is defined as any person who visits and / or uses the site.

2)Limitations of utilization

The content of all the pages of the place is safe from copyright. Copyright © Thataxi.com. All the rights I’m reserved. IS’ forbidden to copy, reproduce, transfer, download, republish or spread the content of the pages of the place Internet, in part or for whole, without prior
permit from part of Thataxi.com. This despite, the user can he view, to copy, print is use extracts of the place Internet for a end purely staff, to
condition that: the content of the place not come edited in any so; the layou graphic not come used, copied or distributed separately from text to
which is associated. THE brand names sign in and i logos used on the place I’m of property of Thataxi.com. The use or the reproduction, in every
form or so, of these logos is brand names sign in I’m severely prohibited without prior permit from part of ThaTaxi.com.

3) Limitation of responsibility

Thataxi undertakes to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information and material provided on the site; however, it can not be held responsible for any errors or outdated information. Thataxi.com reserves the right to modify the site at any time and without prior notice, while maintaining any warning for the safety of the user of the booking platform.


The reservation is made through a specific program installed on the servers of thataxi.com previously configured for the services offered by thataxi.com.

when the reservation is completed, sent and the payment process is completed, a confirmation voucher will be sent to the email indicated during the booking. you may also need to check the inbox spam email for security

The *payment required for the services booked is via the Stripe platform or PayPal and your data will always travel on secure and encrypted servers.
Stripe is authorized by institutions responsible for managing online payments.(you can read Payment Terms of Stripe on “https://stripe.com/payment-terms/legal”)OR also (Stripe Checkout User Terms of Service on “https://stripe.com/it/checkout/legal”)
PayPal is authorized by institutions responsible for managing online payments. All the information can be viewed on the website owned by the electronic payment manager.(you can read how PayPal works on “https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/how-paypal-works”)
The correct reservation is made at least 12 hours in advance of the requested transfer. It is likely an error message for airport / hotel transfer bookings sent with less than 12 hours compared to the pick up time.

Arrivals at the Airport – Meeting Point:
The Driver waits for you just outside the arrivals of the airport and
terminal will be equipped with a paper or electronic sign containing your name
issued at the time of booking or the name requested.
Arrive at the railway station and Verona station:
The driver is waiting for you at the main exit signboard with your name. Verona Trains station:main exit in front of the ticket office
The flight/train is constantly monitored by the driver. In case of flight delay it will not be necessary to let us know. (Divert flight instructions see below)
In any case and in case of emergency, an active telephone contact is available for the support: Thataxi / Scaligera Rental company / WhatsApp +393887273536

All infants and children who do not exceed a certain height and age must be secured to the seat with appropriate security systems and withholding. The customer is responsible for providing their own security seats when requested. during the booking it is possible to request seats for children at a cost of € 0,00 .
Free waiting time: 1 hour for airport pick-up, 15 minutes for other pick-ups
In the event that the car requested for the transfer is not available, a higher class car will be sent.
Do you have to cancel or modify your reservation? Frame and scan the QrCode on Voucher confirm or send a request to: suppot@thataxi.com or follow the instructions on our website

The driver will be about 10 minutes in advance about the appointment time. Any delays are quantifiable at the time for possible traffic causes promptly reported to the phone number indicated at the time of booking.

Direct flights to Verona airport diverted:
if your direct flight to Verona airport is diverted to other nearby airports due to bad weather or other causes your transfer booked from Verona airport is guaranteed.
a small fixed fee is required for the car waiting for your flight to arrive but is diverted.
it will be necessary to communicate about the time of arrival at Verona airport by email (support@thataxi.com) or via the form contact us on the website (www.thataxi.com) or you can scan the qrcode directly on the booking confirmation voucher that has been sent to you or send us via whatsApp +393887273536 a message to communicate your information.
We will send to your email a receipt for payment of the fixed fee and from here you can pay by credit card or PayPal.
Flights arriving at other airports, if diverted, will still guarantee your booked transfer.
An extra payment will be required based on the waiting time for your arrival at the airport.

No extra costs:
there are no extra costs for the requested trip.
the rate is displayed based on the requested pick up and drop off.
a small commission is applied during the payment process (3%).
during the trip / service extra costs are applied only if there are several requests with respect to the trip booked and paid.
for example: extra waits, considerable deviations etc …
the waiting time without extra charges is 1 hour for airport pick up and 15 minutes for all other pick ups.
*(a small credit card payment fee is due)


FREE cancellation up to 24 hours before pick-up.
For all cancellation refunds for airport and hotel transfer bookings
the reimbursement cost will be withheld (around 3%).
Reservation canceled less 24 hours in advance cannot be refunded.
For cancellations or travel changes go to the our website and enter the data requested. An email confirms you your new trip or cancellation. If you are cancellation your reservation, a rimbursement will be send in few days (usually 1/2)

Do you have to cancel or modify your reservation? Frame and scan the QrCode on Voucher confirm or enter the data on our website and follow the instructions

5) correct execution of your requested transfers

ThaTaxi request the collaboration of drivers and other taxi service companies to perform the requested services whenever it deems appropriate. (selected companies)

in the car during the execution of your travel request it is not allowed to consume food, use the electronic cigarette or smoke.

6) Privacy

ThaTaxi.com respects the privacy of the users. All the data that the user communicates to ThaTaxi.com through this site are safeguarded with due diligence, absolutely necessary to ensure security, and in compliance with the law of data protection (privacy):

In accordance with Regulation 2016/679 / EU “European Data Protection Regulation” (articles 13 and following) – personal data protection code.

Any personal data provided by the user during use of the site will be preserved by ThaTaxi.com, based in Italy, email: support@thataxi.com in accordance with Regulation 2016/679 / EU “European Regulation on Protection of personal data “(articles 13 and following) that manages the protection of personal data, with purposes related to the services and activities described on this site.

The information is given in accordance with Regulation 2016/679 / EU “European Data Protection Regulation” (Articles 13 and following) on ​​the rights of the data owner to use of personal data (Data Access Rights personal and associated rights).

As data owner, the user may exercise the rights established in accordance with Regulation 2016/679 / EU “European Data Protection Regulation” (articles 13 and following) with reference to the services and activities described on the site.

Thataxi is a private taxi service in collaboration with Scaligera NCC™ Company | Verona | Italy | VAT:IT04476620234

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